I am a wanderer of sorts.
For those who know me,
And For those who love me,
Know that I drift away,
But never do I wander too far.

I am that ship on the horizon.
For those who have seen me,
And for those who have lost sight,
Always wait in the hope,
That Someday I will make it to the shore.

I am that starless sky just before the night falls.
For the ones who are patient,
And the ones that wait long enough,
See the magic I interweave,
with a Million Zillion Stars.

I am the road less traveled.
For the ones who went astray,
And the ones that were found,
Know there are marvels on the way,
and a lot that confounds.

I am the still waters under the vast sky.
For the ones who deep dived,
And the ones who tested the surface,
Know that deep down,
There is only turbulence.

I am the Ruined one.
For the ones who love me,
Know that I wait for the day,
I am liberated from the Nemesis,
So diligently built on my own. ~ Seepz

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