Like most people in this world, I am sometimes boggled down by the choices life throws at me. I anticipate, I contemplate, I think (I am forced to), use my brains, rethink(Its hard you know to make a choice). and finally after weeks and weeks of speculation as to what turn my life will take If I take a decision... Poof!!!!! Well I am back to where I started. Back to where I was originally given the choice to make a choice. Does it not happen to all of us?

What are we to do when we clear our PUC's. What has to be done when we pass out of colleges? Higher studies or a job? or for that matter for gals - Its usually a job or a marriage. In India, You don't get much choice (Maybe now you do for a li'l percentage of lucky gals who have understanding parents). I am 24 going on 26. I have no intentions getting married another 2 years or so. But can I make my parents understand that. NOOOOO.... Because they are worried about my future and my future lies in a bright bridegroom...

Choices, Choices and Choices! Whether I should do an MBA first? Should I take up that long term onsite assignment? Should I just get married and make my parents and the society happy... Well, I am supposed to get real old by 26, you know... Blah dee Blah!!! Most of the times we do things to please people around us. Not me though.. I used to but now I have become a li'l selfish.

The problem is when I think a lot about a problem and get to a real near perfect solution - The problem runs away... Touche!!

Well Like somebody has said - Whenever there is a problem Don't say 'Oh god! I have a problem' Instead say - 'Hey Problem! I have a God'. Say.. It works!! ;)